Below is a brief description of what you need to have so you can successfully participate in our live draft.
NFC East:  Saturday, September 1 at 10:00 am EST (9:00 am CST)
NFC West:  Saturday, September 1 at 12:00 pm EST (11:00 am CST)
AFC East:  Saturday, September 1 at 2:00 pm EST (1:00 pm CST)
AFC West: Saturday, September 1 at 4:00 pm EST (3:00 pm CST)
The cost for this season is $45.00 payable by Draft Day.  You can pay either by check, cash, and even credit card using (  My account at PayPal is  Or if you prefer to mail your payment, my mailing address is Kenny Bullock, 12030 Vantage Point Ct., Bristow, VA 20136. You can even pay the league in payments prior to Draft Day. In any event, I need to have your money by Draft Day.
RTS claimed this new and improve chat room system works great. It is now located in the live draft room. However, a few owners and I checked it out and it's really plain and hard to read. We will continue to use MSN Messenger as a means to communicate with during the draft. You can download Windows Live Messenger (upgrade version of MSN Messenger v7.5) at My Windows Live Messenger name is
Go to You will need to login with your username and password  If you don't remember or don't have your password, please e-mail the Commish to obtain a new one. VERY IMPORTANT: You must have cookies and java enabled on your web browser and firewall or you will not be able to participate in the live draft.
The end of the year survey suggested we implement new draft selection rules. This year we will perform a snake draft. We will start with owners names in a hat for their division. We will pull names and rank the draft order accordingly for the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th rounds. The draft will be performed as follows; for example, 1st Round: Owner 1 - 1st pick, Owner 2 - 2nd pick. For the second round we will reverse the order; for example, 2nd Round: Owner 1 - 8th pick, Owner 2 - 7th pick. The following round the owners names are redrawn from the hat and the process is repeated.
From the Main menu, select LEAGUE | DRAFT.  A draft window will open.  This is where you will make your picks when it's your turn to make your selection.  Currently, there is a draft order created.  It is not the real draft order. This is only set as a guideline. The new draft order will be entered a week prior to the draft.  We will draw names from a hat and place the correct draft order prior to you making your selections. Below is a picture of what you will be seeing during the draft. The picture below will show the results of the first and second round from the mock draft performed. This is also the Commissioner's screen. Your window might not have all these features.
Notice in the top right, when it's your turn to pick, you will see your team's name and a button "MAKE PICK" is there for you to make your new selection. Once you click on the MAKE PICK button, you will see a listing of positions and available players so you can select them.  If a player is not available, he will not be visible in your roster.  Find the player you want and select "MAKE PICK".  The player you selected will automatically be added to your roster.  The screen will refresh and will advance to the next Owner to make his pick.
THE DRAFT WILL START ON TIME! Please arrive for the draft a few minutes before the start time. We will not wait for you. During the draft, you will have 2 minutes to select a player. If your 2 minutes expires, you will be skipped.  The program will skip you automatically. You will have to wait until the next owner make their selection, and then you will be able to make your pick. So do your homework and be ready.
If you are not present for the draft, the Commish will make a selection for you providing you have submitted a list of players that you would like to select.  If the Commish doesn't have your selections, then you will have to pick your players after the draft.
A note about draft order: I have no control as to where you pick in the draft order. It is simply the luck of the draw.
The Commish is the only person who has the authority to make picks for other owners!
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: For those trying to share computers on draft day: Once you are logged in, you can only draft your own players---NOT ANYONE ELSE'S. Opening multiple windows will not work as well. So the thought of logging out and logging back in will take too much time (especially with dial-up), and we will not wait for you. I say this because I know some owners will meet at each other's homes expecting one person to make draft picks for you. You must tell the Commish which player you would like to select. You must know who is available for your division. You need to create a list of players and keep track who was selected. For those meeting at the Commish's house, I have wireless internet access so you can log-in via your own computer or I can make your picks for you.
Within RTSPORTS.COM, there is a handy draft tool called "Draft Cheatsheets".  Using this tool, you can make select every player that you wish you can have on your team.  During the live draft, your cheatsheets will appear while making your picks. If a player is unavailable, there will be a red-line drawn across that players name informing you he is not available, or if the player is available you can select that player and add him to your team.  Also, if your cheatsheets are set up, the Commish can use this to pick players off your list if you cannot attend the Live Draft.  I SUGGEST THAT ALL OWNERS USE THIS FEATURE AND SEND THE COMMISH YOUR PICKS. To set up your cheatsheets, go to TEAM | DRAFT CHEATSHEET.  Below is a picture of what the screen would look like.
Lastly, RTSPORTS.COM appears to be an awesome site. Please take the time to use it and learn it. I've noticed that many of you haven't even ventured out to the site.  The season is only a few weeks away.  The draft should flow really be alert. Please take some time and come to the draft prepared (MSN Messenger loaded, tested and working, RTS Passwords, pick lists ready, etc.). Nothing is more frustrating to me and other owners to hear someone didn't get their act together.  And as always, any questions, PLEASE ASK.
Thanks and good luck.